Il 18.12.2017

How to Write a Ph.D in Law. From Application to Publication

Research and writing constitute the most important skills that scholars need in order to thrive in the challenging academic environment, and successfully develop their ideas in different stages of their career. Professor Joseph H. H. Weiler (New York University School of Law) will deliver a long- one day- lecture on how to approach legal research and how to write a Ph.D thesis in Law. The event, convened by professor Gianluigi Palombella, represents a unique opportunity for researchers to gain an understanding of what is of seminal importance in pursuing scientific achievements, in dialogue with one of the most outstanding scholars in the world, who, beyond his absolute international reputation, is monitoring and fostering since years legal research, at the highest levels, also as Editor in Chief of two among the best scientific journals in Law worldwide, the International Journal of Constitutional Law and the European Journal of International Law.


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Il 18.12.2017

From 10:00
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