Il 03.08.2017

Overview on Industrial Machine Learning Real Time Edge Applications with Zynq-7000 and Zynq Ultrascale+ All Programmable SoC


August 3, 2017 - 09:00 am
Blue Room - TeCIP Institute


Machine Learning (ML) is making headway in providing the next level of automation and autonomy into industrial applications. The heavy computational demand required by ML algorithms are posing significant challenges on current embedded systems in terms of real time and overall performances, security and safety. This talk will introduce the challenges in the industry, the technology around ML in FPGA, and the impact in the real time systems.

Brief Bio:

Dr. Giulio Corradi is ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) Sr. System Architect in Munich, Germany. He brings 25 year of experience of management, software engineering and development of ASICs and FPGA in industrial, automation and medical systems specifically in the field of control and communication for the major corporations. DSP algorithms, applied chromatography, motor control, real-time communication, and functional safety have been his major focus. In the years 1997–2005 he managed several Research European Funded projects for train communication networking and wireless remote diagnostic systems. Between 2000–2005 he headed the IEC61375 conformance test standard. In 2006 Giulio joined Xilinx Munich office leading the Industrial Safety, Industrial Networking and Power Systems Control Xilinx platforms. In his spare time he practices swimming and playing piano.



Il 03.08.2017

From 09:00

Event's place:
Via G. Moruzzi n. 1 - Località San Cataldo
56127 Pisa
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