Il 19.12.2017

The relations between doctrinal and theoretical inquiry in Law and the international dimension of legal studies

The event, chaired by Gianluigi Palombella, gathers an exceptional group of speakers, remarkably from both the judicial and academic world, for an intense day of debate upon the present horizon of international research in Law. Starting from the transformations of the legal world, through the flourishing of supranational chains of interweaving legalities, the debate shall focus upon the state of the art of research in Law in Italian and European Universities and on identifying the way forward. On the background lies the need for legal studies to move toward shared problems crosscutting the borders of national orders, to shape a supranational language, to relocate national habits, contribute to the forging of new tools and upgrade scholarly attitudes to better fit international communication. 


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Il 19.12.2017

From 09:45
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