Biorobotics is a highly interdisciplinary, emerging scientific-technological area, which merges robotics and biomedical engineering; in particular it is the science and the technology of the design and development of bioinspired robotics systems with biomedical application. While maintaining a unique vision on this topic, the research at the BioRobotics Institute is articulated in Areas and Laboratories. Research Areas are led (PI) by Professors or Associate Professors, while the Research Labs are coordinated by Assistant Professors.
The priorities of our research agenda are: World-class scientific production; Impact on society; Technology transfer.

In addition to the 8 Research Areas and to the 9 Laboratories, the Institute is involved in Joint Research Labs with clinical institutions. These Joint Labs are devoted to translational research activities such like: rehabilitation bioengineering, movement assistance, translational neurorehabilitation, analysis and treatment of neuromotor disorders, neurodevelopmental bioengineering, upper and lower limb prosthetics.