Joint laboratories

REPAIR Lab - Rehabilitation Engineering and Prosthetics Applied Innovation & Research

The REPAIR Lab results from a collaboration between The BioRobotics Institute and the INAIL (National Workers’ Compensation) Prosthetic Center. The main research fields of the lab are: biorobotics, prosthetic devices and interfaces, neurorobotics and recovery of motor and sensory functions after amputation or neurological injury. The objective is to bridge the engineering research and development with the rehabilitation activities conducted by physicians and therapists in direct contact with the patients.
Currently The BioRobotics Institute and INAIL collaborate in the PPR3 project (Development of prosthetic finger phalanges). The project aims at developing new biomimetic, articulated and instrumented prosthetic finger phalanges, both controlled by invasive and non-invasive interfaces able to implement intuitive motor control and realistic sensory feedback.


Scientific Responsible:

Prof. Christian Cipriani
Rinaldo Sacchetti, Technical Director at INAIL



Centro per la Sperimentazione ed Applicazione di Protesi e Presidi Ortopedici di Vigorso di Budrio
Via Rabuina 14, 40054 Vigorso di Budrio (BO).