Joint laboratories

Robotic and Biomechatronic Technologies Laboratory in Neurorehabilitation

The Robotic and Biomechatronic Technologies Laboratory in Neurorehabilitation, joint laboratory between the Biorobotics Institute and Fondazione Stella Maris, is a place where different but convergent experiences and competences meet together; the purpose is the design, the clinical testing and the maintenance of new methods and instruments aimed at the behavioural study of the neurobiological mechanisms, which are basic for the early development of the human brain, as well as the motor, perceptual and integrative functions (visual exploration, grasping, manipulation, locomotion, navigation), both in healthy children and with neuromotor disabilities.
Furthermore, starting from these experiences, knowledge and prototypes can be transferred in rehabilitation, or created ex novo, in order to re-educate the functions explored.


Scientific Responsible:

Prof. Paolo Dario
Prof. Giovanni Cioni, Scientific Director of Fondazione Stella Maris


Location and Contacts:

Robotic and Biomechatronics Technologies Laboratory in Neurehabilitation
Viale del Tirreno, 331 - 56128 Calambrone (PI)
Phone:  +39 050-886111
Fax: +39 050-886202