Equipment 2017
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The only limit is your imagination

The BioRobotics Institute is home of amazing world-class facilities, instruments and equipment. These can be engaged in a variety of projects, ranging from electrophysiological measurements or motion capture to structural testing and analysis, from sensors and actuators micro- and nano-manufacturing to polymer or cell culture synthesis. 

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Bio-Enable (Integrated infrastructure supporting industrial research on bioactive molecules, biomolecules, biomaterials, in-vitro and in-vivo) is a distributed research infrastructure. Through its technological platforms it provides industries with innovative services dealing with the design and characterization of biomolecules, biomaterials, vaccines, bioactive molecules and bioengineering systems, in-vitro, in-cell and in-vivo.

Bio-Enable is funded by the Tuscany Region framework "FESR 2014-2020 Infrastrutture di Ricerca". The project partners are: CERM (Univeristy of Florence), The BioRobotics Institute, Neuroscience Institute (CNR, Pisa) and Department of Medical Biotechnologies (Università di Siena).
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RIF - Robotics Innovation Facility

The RIF (Robotics Innovation Facility) offers access to high-tech robotic equipment and expertise at zero risk. In addition RIF provides access to real and realistic environments to be used as testing beds to validate technological solutions. All interested companies can request our services at the following link:
The RIF is located at the Assistive Robotics Lab (Peccioli, Pisa) and is part of the research activities of ECHORD++ project, coordinated by The BioRobotics Institute. The aim of this project is to bridge research and enterprise.
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Director's Delegate to Technical Equipment
Prof. Nicola Vitiello
Phone: 050 883472