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    Institute of Law, Politics and Development

The DIRPOLIS Institute (Institute of Law, Politics and Development) is a research center devoted to interdisciplinary studies in the fields of law, economics and political sciences. Its core mission is to conduct innovative research by adopting a multidisciplinary approach to offer a comprehensive and multi-faceted representation of legal, social, economic and political phenomena. The Institute strives to provide scientifically sound and action-oriented bases to effective decision-making processes, at both private and public levels.
The Institute offers graduate and post-graduate courses built upon theoretical and applied research. It also organizes advanced-level training events aimed at professionals wishing to acquire new skills and knowledge in their respective fields of work.
The Institute offers consultancy services for a wide range of international, national and regional entities. It actively disseminates the results of its research by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses, both in Italy and abroad.

Research areas

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WISS conducts research in the areas of Public and Constitutional Law, also from a European and comparative perspective. Research areas mainly concern citizenship rights, in particular with respect...
The Research Group on European Studies of the DIRPOLIS Institute aims to gather professors and researchers of the Institute interested in EU studies, both from a legal and political perspective.
The Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa and the Centre for Studies on Federalism (CSF) launched a new Research Programme on the issues related to federalism and global governance in a broad...
The Research Group on Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia (Res/East), within the DIRPOLIS Institute, aspires to gather researchers dealing with the complexity of the so-called “post-Soviet area”.
The International Training Programme for Conflict Management (ITPCM) is a post-graduate programme of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, a public university which promotes education and research in...
ERIS is a group addressing emerging fields of research in international/transnational politics, with a focus on regional security, critical geopolitics and political economy. We study conflict and...
The Program Art and Politics aims at exploring the nexus between art and politics across time. The aim of the project is to de-construct that nexus from the perspective of political philosophy and...

Events and seminars

    13.10.2017 09:00

    Annual Joint Doctoral Workshop in Legal Studies

    Sala del Capitolo dell’European University Institute

    Con inizio alle ore 9.00 si svolge a Badia Fiesolana presso la Sala del Capitolo dell’European University Institute il Workshop congiunto tra gli studenti PhD di Scienze Giuridiche della Scuola Sant’Anna e quelli dell’EUI.