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    Institute of Management

Within Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA), the Istituto di Management (IdM) is active in the field of management in the context of private and public organizations as support to a renewed entrepreneurship, in a synergetic perspective, among business, institutions and research.
IdM is the result of a long-term cultural project with particular reference to the management of innovation, sustainability and health.
During the last decade it has moved its focus towards:
– innovation in its fourfold dimension, technological change, organizational change,
cultural change, political and institutional change
– a strong interdisciplinary approach (first of all, within SSSA)
– the method of action research
– interest in both qualitative and quantitative evidence in support of decision making processes.

Research Areas

The MAIN researchers aim to decribe, understand, explain and simplify the management of innovation in the companies, public administrations, cities/regions.
The MeS Lab carries out research, evaluation and management training in the framework of the different management levels of health systems and its performers
The mission of the SuM research group is to combine scientific, managerial and technical skills to promote the principles of sustainability.