Micro-Nano-Bio Systems and Targeted Therapies Laboratory

The research mission of the Lab is grounded on a strongly interdisciplinary approach and on the hypothesis that a properly driven cross-fertilization between mechatronics, materials science, biotechnologies and molecular biology can produce:

Disruptive technological advancements for the development of new flexible and scalable machines, based on smart materials and biohybrid devices, integrating living cells and tissues with artificial components;

A dramatic improvement of targeted and minimally invasive therapies, enabling an important leap of several medical treatments: to achieve this objective, a combination of insights coming from applied physics and materials science (e.g. concerning novel responsive materials), surface functionalization strategies and ad hoc technological tools will be needed;

Innovative technological tools enabling significant discoveries in Life Sciences: heterogeneous ICT-based microdevices and nanostructured materials may give a key contribution to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, allowing at the same time to unveil fundamental principles related to healthy or diseased cells/tissues and their organization in 3D functional structures.

​The scientific responsible is dt. Leonardo Ricotti.
E-mail: - Phone: +39 366 6868242 
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