First Level Master's Diploma

Human Rights and Conflict Management


The MA programme is designed to provide students from different cultures and backgrounds with a deep understanding of the linkages between human rights and conflict management theory and practice.

The curriculum, strongly field oriented, prepares participants for working with NGOs, governments, aid agencies, the UN system, regional organisations and other institutions where a deep understanding of these issues is critical.

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Module I:

  • Economic Development
  • Geopolitics and regional issues in historical perspective
  • Contemporary Challenges to Human Rights
  • International Law and International HR Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Theories and Techniques of conflict management I
  • Developing personal skills I
  • Essentials of Research and Writing

Module II:

  • International PK and PB Operations
  • International Humanitarian Operations
  • International HR Field Operations
  • HR Law II
  • International Election Observation Missions
  • Theories and Techniques of Conflict Management II
  • International Project Development
  • Developing personal skills II


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