San Miniato Summer School: Data Mining and Machine Learning for Business and Organizations

The 2017 edition of the ‘School on Mathematics for Economic and Social Science’ will focus on ‘Data Mining and Machine Learning for Business and Organizations’.

Description: Organizations and business are overwhelmed by the flood of data continuously collected into their data warehouses and arriving from external sources – the Web above all. Traditional exploratory techniques may fail to make sense of the data, due to its inherent complexity and size. Data mining and knowledge discovery techniques emerged as an alternative approach, aimed at revealing patterns, rules and models hidden in the data, and at supporting the analytical user to develop descriptive and predictive models for a number of business problems. This short course focusses on the main applications scenarios of data mining to challenging problems in the broad CRM domain - Customer Relationship Management.

Topics: Introduction to data mining and big data analytics; Pattern and association rule mining; Clustering analysis; Classification & prediction; Social network analysis: fundamentals; Big Data Analytics: Privacy awareness.

Venue: Fondazione Conservatorio Santa Chiara, San Miniato, Italy

Teachers: Fosca Giannotti and Mirco Nanni, ISTI-CNR, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Lab

Application deadline: August, 7th 2017

For further details, application and financial support see the School website:

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