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Agricultural - AgriFood - AgriEnvironmental Law (AgLAW)

The ‘Agricultural - AgriFood - AgriEnvironmental Law’ (AgLAW) research group of the Institute of Law, Politics and Development of Scuola Sant’Anna deals with the complex and dynamic set of laws, regulations, policies, and principles established under multilevel authorities (international, EU and national level), both public and private, governing the agricultural system and its intersection with food and environmental systems. 

The governance of natural resources (land, water) is addressed with a view to the new dynamics of international standard-making and adopting a holistic and rights-based approach. 

The legal dimension of global food security and its relations with food safety is covered and it plays a major role in our current research and teaching activities. Working on this branch of law also involves rural development and, in most cases, the role of women and gender equality. Indeed, agricultural regulations affect essential human needs and values, which need to be understood and dealt with from a global vision.

The comprehensive study of European and Italian food law is carried out with a focus on food labeling. 

Moreover, the topic of agri-food international trade is central to our research activity. It involves the relevant discipline regulating the multilateral trade system and the monitoring of the emerging and fast-moving field of the bilateral, regional, and mega-regional trade agreements. 

As far as agri-environmental law is concerned, this research area focuses on the many links between agriculture, natural resources, and climate change. The cases when both environmental rules regulate agricultural pollution and agricultural rules regulate environmental protection are addressed. This convergence zone includes, inter alia, water, bioenergy, and pesticide regulations. 

Law and governance of agri-food systems and climate change is also a hot topic within the AgLaw research group.

Faculty members:

Mariagrazia Alabrese Assistant professor

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Eloisa Cristiani Associate professor

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