Off-campus access

School VPN

What: In accordance with the licenses, the full-texts of the Library online resources are available only through the School network.

A VPN connection (virtual private network) is available to allow affiliated members to access resources from home. The VPN can be enabled through the IVE gateway: you can find the quick link in the Library homepage.

Who: The service is provided to all affiliated members with a Sant’Anna School account.

How:  On the IVE login page, you must enter your School account: n.surname + password or, for Guest account, gXXXXX + password. Once logged in, you’ll be virtually connected to the School network.

On the IVE menu page you can select “Biblioteca Internet” to access our homepage, or “OneSearch” to start your bibliographic search.

In case a resource link opens a new window or tab where the IVE URL prefix ( doesn’t appear any more, you’ll have to run the Network connect application to get that content.  Go back to the IVE menu page, click on the “Avvia” button next to Network connect (at the bottom of the menu) and go on launching the program; once done it, you can select again the desired resource.

Through the IVE gateway you can get from home almost all the resources licensed by the Library: for some content there may be technical incompatibilities with the VPN - IVE connection.


What: You may get visualizing problems accessing some databases through the VPN. To fix it, a Shibboleth access is available with your School credentials (what’s Shibboleth).

Who: The service is provided to all affiliated members with a Sant’Anna School account name.surname; Guest account are not enabled.

How:  Shibboleth access may slightly change between different databases, but you can broadly follow these steps:

  • Open the database and click on “Login/Sign in”
  • Select the institutional access, as “Institutional/Shibboleth login”, “Login via your Institution” or similar
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Italian federation “Italy – IDEM/GARR” and the name of our institution “Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna”
  • Now login with your School account and browse the resource

Shibboleth access is available for these databases: ACS, IEEE Xplore, Oxford Journals, Science Direct, Scopus, SpringerLink, Wiley.