Training project

Honors Students are simultaneously enrolled at the University of Pisa and the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and attend courses at both Institutions. The School guarantees a high level education through seminars, laboratories, language courses and other valuable curricular activities.

The Sant’Anna School provides students with individually tailored courses of study aimed at offering advanced learning opportunities. Honors students may design their own curricula and choose their topics among the many advanced courses offered at the Sant’Anna School.

Honors Students are provided with a grant and free boarding upon admission.

Honors Students attending the University of Pisa and the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies are expected to maintain a high grade point average at both institutions and they are also required to graduate from both Institutions.

Requirements for a bachelor’s degree

To be eligible for a Bachelor’s Degree, students must meet the following requirements:

  • attend courses at the University of Pisa as well as the courses offered by the Sant’Anna School;
  • pass all the exams with an average mark of no less than 27/30, and no less than 24/30 for any single exam;
  • show proficiency in at least two foreign languages;
  • pass their annual examination


Every undergraduate student is given a personal tutor throughout their stay time at the Sant’Anna School. Students can feel part of the school community by experiencing daily interaction with the academic staff. Students receive the level of support needed to develop their study skills to carry out their study programs satisfactorily. Students receive careers information, advice and guidance.

Enhancing student experience

The Sant’Anna School provides students with free accommodation, sports and leisure facilities.

Additional opportunity to enhance your career prospects

The School offers study and work internships, which are great opportunities to enrich the students.The Sant’Anna School provides funding for:

  • Winter and Summer schools;
  • Conference and workshop attendance;
  • Travel grants;
  • Research internships.

Please visit our admission requirements for further information.