Il 24.01.2020

Horizons in Medicine and Biology: lifestyle epidemiology in Italy

Lifestyle Epidemiology in Italy. Seminary by Silvano Gallus, head of the Laboratory of Lifestyle Epidemiology, Mario Negri Institute of Milan

Lifestyle Epidemiology studies risk factors, such as smoking, alcohol and obesity, which can negatively influence health, both in terms of exposition monitoring and of quantification of risk. In Italy threats to the so far positive situation, in terms of overweight and obesity, derives from the increasing distance separating our habits from the Mediterranean Diet.

Silvano Gallus, scientist and head of the Lifestyle Epidemiology Laboratory of the prestigious Mario Negri Institute of Milan, will be the one talking about that, opening on Friday, 24th of January, at 18:00 in the aula Magna, the new edition of “Horizons in Medicine and Biology”, the series of lectures which welcomes great scientists from all over the world, which, with their work, have left a mark on Medicine, Biology and Biotechnology.

Silvano Gallus, winner of the Ig-Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2019, for proving that pizza protects against diseases and death only if produced and consumed in Italy, will offer an overview on the association between pizza, as an indicator of adhesion to the Mediterranean Diet, and a diminished risk of tumours and cardiovascular disease, based on studies involving a total of 8.500 cases and 10.000 controls.



Il 24.01.2020

From 18:00
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