Il 24.02.2020

Horizons in Medicine and Biology: mechanical ventilation during anaesthesia and intensive care

Mechanical ventilation is a necessary treatment that has to be provided when spontaneous lung ventilation fails. It is also fundamental during anaesthesia, in order to avoid the collapse of the lung tissue and to provide enough oxygen to the patient. However, it can represent a double-edged sword.

Professor Hedenstierna, in the second conference of the cycle of “Horizons in Medicine and Biology” will provide a critical approach about the strengths and the weaknesses of this useful therapeutic treatment, which is widely used and studied by medical students.

Dr. Goran Hedenstierna discussed his PhD thesis at the Karolinska Insitute in 1972, and now he is Senior Professor in Clinical Physiology at the Uppsala University. He also covered several positions in both national and international institutions, for example he was  President of the Swedish Society of Clinical  Physiology. Thanks to his commitment to scientific research (publishing more than 650 scientific papers and a book, “Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine”), he was awarded with a lot of prestigious prizes.



Il 24.02.2020

From 18:00
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