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"Omega e Omicron": presentation of the new novel by Vito Ribaudo

Omega e Omicron
Date From 12.05.2023 time
End Date To 12.05.2023 time

Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33 , 56127 Italy

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On Friday 12 May at 9:00, Vito Ribaudo, Human Resources Director of RCS MediaGroup Italia, presents his new book "Omega and Omicron" published by Morellini Editore.

The novel tells the story of two very different twins, who take different paths and their paths diverge, but a series of events see their stories match and touch each other, until they are forever marked by a tragic moment that will change their lives.

A novel that leads the reader to empathize with the two brothers, with their weaknesses and limitations, with their doubts, and with the difficulties they experience along the way.

Vito Ribaudo, milanese by birth and sicilian by affection and origins, has published "A great opportunity" (Rizzoli, 2015, "Lago Gerundo" Award), "L'Elbano" (Morellini, 2018), "Blood and Bread" (Morellini , 2020) as well as short stories in various Morellini anthologies.