The IDEM federation

The IDEM federation (IDEntity Management) is a joint project involving Italian training and research organizations for the shared management of access to online resources.

Using the School's credentials, it is possible to access the services made available without additional registration.

A list of resources and services is available on the IDEM federation website.


How to access IDEM services

The services are accessible by all members of the federation and are identifiable by the presence of the IDEM federation logo or wording.

To use them with the credentials of our School, select the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna as the organization. The School authentication system (Identity Provider) screen will be displayed where you can enter your credentials.

Attribute release information

After login, the Identity Provider system requests consent to release attributes that describe the user and that can be used by the site offering the service (Service Provider) to provide the service or to profile the user. The release and content of the attributes is subject to user approval at the first access to each Service Provider. The user can independently request the cancellation of all approvals upon authentication.

The Privacy Policy for users of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is available here: Privacy Policy



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