Spin-off Companies

The BioRobotics Institute has enjoyed considerable success commercializing the results of its academic research. Since 1991, when the first spin-off company of the Scuola Sant’Anna was established, 29 more companies have seen the light from our Institute. Today, 25 companies are active in the ICT, robotics and education sectors, with roughly 230 employees (January 2017) and a total year revenue of 7.5 M€. 
Detailed below are the active companies founded by our academics. 



Design and development innovative solutions (hardware/software) in the field of therapeutic ultrasound.

HUBLIFE - 2018

The aim of the company is to develop human-centered and bio-inspired technologies for daily life.

ABZERO - 2017

Blood service ensuring automatic and immediate delivery.

MEDIATE - 2017

Medical Robotics and Collaborative Technologies.

Co-Robotics  - 2016

Design and development of ICT and cooperative robotic systems, offering consulting and support to small and medium companies in product innovation, research and development.

3DNextech  - 2015

Design of specific products for organizations that want to integrate digital manufacturing technologies in their consolidated production lines.

Probiomedica  - 2015

Development of innovative devices for applications to health and personal care.

Great Robotics  - 2015

Innovative products and services in the fields of education, entertaiment and art throught technologies and advanced robotic system.

Iuvo  - 2015

Marketing of wearable robots for movement assistance, rehabilitation and augmentation invented and prototyped by the Wearable Robotics Laboratory of The BioRobotics Institute.

Smania  - 2012

Design and development flexible and miniaturized invasive neural interfaces able to create a direct link between the nervous system and an external robotic device.

Eye-Tech  - 2012

Design, development and commercialization of image sensor in CMOS technology for endoscopic applications.

Espres 3D  - 2012

Technological services to plan and simulate surgical interventions deploying the information contained inside the volumetric radiological images.

Win Medical  - 2009

Development, marketing and commercialization of an innovative, modular and wearable continuous vital signs monitoring system for patients in low-acuity hospital care units at home - WinPack.

Prensilia  - 2009

Artificial hands and grippers, sensors and compact actuators, digital drivers, servomechanisms, bio-automation. 

Fastenica  - 2008

Robotics for surgery; Industrial Robotics; Machine vision and visual servoing;  sensing solutions in the field of Robotics and Automation.

Henesis (Camlin Group)  - 2007

Intelligent systems for the acquisition and processing of information. Development of advanced machine learning, machine vision and digital signal processing techniques to innovative products and services in the fields of brain computer interfaces for biomedical applications, energy/environment and security.

Medea  - 2006

Consulting in the field of Community funding.

Dedalo Solutions  - 2005

Design, production, marketing and installation of new aid technological systems for everyday activities.

Robotech  - 2004

Service Robotics for home care; areas of robotics, automation and electronics; interaction human-machine.

Era Endoscopy  - 2004

Research, development and marketing of medical devices; development of innovative robotic technology.

Technodeal  - 2000

Set of services able to help and sustain every technological idea in different fields: from automation to cloud computing, going through robotics and 3D printing.

Microtech (Ekymed since 2012)   - 2000

Design and prototyping pre-clinical and clinical trials; technical datasheet and quality certification; sub-components production, assembly, packaging and sterilization.

Pragma Engineering  - 1994

Development and the implementation of hardware and software system on the basis of customer needs.

Humanware  - 1994

New solutions and technologies in the medicine and rehabilitation fields to facilitate the recovery of patients.

Scienzia Machinale - 1991

Service robotics in the areas of mechatronics and robotics.