Sport Sustainability: the Italian National Amateur League (“Lega Nazionale Dilettanti”) has joined the The Goals Project, coordinated by Sant’Anna School, by promoting the dissemination of a questionnaire

The Italian National Amateur League (“Lega Nazionale Dilettanti”), thanks to the support of the Italian National Football Association Figc (member of the project’s Replicability Management Board), has joined this initiative by promoting the dissemination of a questionnaire aimed at evaluating the environmentally-friendly activities undertaken by amateur clubs. Many other European clubs are joining this initiative. The aim is to identify possible improvements in the environmental management of sporting events and to introduce new good practices within these club.

The Goals (“Governance-Oriented Actions Levering on environment for Sustainability”) project, funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission and coordinated by Sant’Anna School, aims at improving the environmental governance of football organizations, especially amateur football clubs. To this end, the project recently launched a new initiative aimed at investigating the degree of adoption of environmental sustainability practices by European amateur clubs.

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