Digital & Microwave Photonics

  • September 2015: Prize for the most significant contribution to innovation of the 'European Radar Conference (EURAD) 2015 to the new surveillance system developed by the Institute of TeCIP-SSSA.

    This important award, which includes a prize of € 3,000, has been delivered on Friday, September 11 2015, in Paris at the Palais des Congrès during the closing ceremony of the European Week dedicated to the Microwaves (EuMW 2015), to a group of researchers belonging to the "Digital & Microwave Photonics" group of the Institute TeCIP, for the realization of an innovative system of surveillance.

    The paper awarded is titled: "Coherent Radar / Lidar Integrated Architecture" and it concerns the development of a system of heterogeneous monitoring that, for the first time on the international scene, combines in the same hardware RF sensors (Radar Radio Detection And Ranging) that use photonics for superior performance, and optical sensors (LIDAR: Light Detection and Ranging).

    The integrated use of these two types of sensors with complementary characteristics, allows a more accurate and reliable scene recognition. In addition, the sharing of the same optical hardware leads to a reduction of the power consumption which increases the operating time of battery-operated mobile systems such as sensors mounted on unmanned aircraft.

    The award-winning work is the last piece of an activity initiated by the group" Digital & Microwave Photonics "of TeCIP only six years ago and that has already received international awards and invitations to present the results to major events and international scientific journals, including a publication in the prestigious journal NATURE in 2014, an invited speech on the important monthly IEEE Microwave Magazine in 2015, and an invitation to the ceremony Opening with a speech on photonics for radar and electronic warfare, to 'International Microwave and Optoelectronic Conference 2015 in Brazil. The award has been received by the first author of the work who also presented at the event. This is Daniel Onori, PhD student of the School.

    The other authors of the work are the researchers Francis Laghezza, Filippo Scotti and Mirco Scaffardi of Photonic Networks National Laboratory-CNIT, and Prof. Antonella Bogoni.
  • March 2014: Publication on NATURE “A fully photonics-based coherent radar system” and Selection for paper review in “research news&views” session of NATURE for the paper “A fully photonics-based coherent radar system”, by J.D. McKinney, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA.