The TeCIP Institute was created in Pisa in 2001 as a Centre of Excellence of the Italian University, Scientific and Technological Research Ministry.

Core activities of the Institute are research and education linked to Communication, Information and Perception Technologies.

Main research areas are:

• optical communication networks through the use of photonic technologies, also in the fields of sensors and biophotonics;

• IT applications of embedded real-time systems and sensor networks for the Internet of Things;

• virtual environments and interface robotic systems for the study of human-machine interaction and human perception.

Scientific and technological research has an interdisciplinary character and is developed inside Laboratories, equipped with the utmost leading edge instruments and technologies.

The around 300 professors and researchers can count upon an annual budget of more than 10 million euro to develop their research activities, with the main objective of leading the innovation to an extent of technological development to be used on field.

The innovative training initiatives, taught in English, such as PhD, Master’s degrees and Italian University Masters, are in line with the highest international standards. The professional profiles are able to successfully find a position in either service/production bodies and businesses or public/private research structures.

The recent Quality of Research Evaluation (Valutazione della Qualità della Ricerca - VQR), run by the National Agency for University and Research Evaluation (ANVUR), located the TeCIP Institute in 1st position in the national ranking for the Industrial and Information Engineering, among medium-sized departments.

Research units

The research and teaching of the macro-area communications is particularly active in the field of Photonic Networks and Technologies, which stands as a unique example of a nationwide centre for res
The Real-Time Systems Laboratory (ReTiS Lab) is one of the world's leading research teams in the area of embedded real-time systems, time critical scheduling algorithms, advanced operating...
The Perceptual Robotics Laboratory is a research unit of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – TeCIP Institute. The Laboratory mainly investigate new generation systems to improve human computer...