Institute of Law, Politics and Development


Transgov is a research atelier (Officina di Ricerca) that promotes the study of transnational governance dynamics in a number of policy domains. It is a laboratory where students, researchers, professors and practitioners interact with a view to sharpening their analytical tools and sharing substantive knowledge.

The Officina of transnational governance gathers together scholars with an expertise in comparative politics, policy analysis, political economy, international relations, and emerging research in international security.

The main goal is to advance on a shared research agenda on transnational governance and identify a common conceptual and analytical toolkit to overcome the cleavage between IR studies on the one hand and comparative politics and policy analysis on the other.

Its programme includes a wide array of initiatives disseminated along teaching activities and research projects that are organized at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and with a broad array of partner institutions.






Collaborative publication projects