3DNextech srl, innovative startup and spin-off of the Sant’Anna School closes a funding round of 750 thousand euro. Towards the development of new technologies capable of supporting the digitalization of the manufacturing processes

3DNextech Srl, an innovative startup based in Livorno and a spin-off company of the Sant’Anna School (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna), closes a 750-thousand-euro investment by the Fondo Rilancio Startup managed by CDP Venture Capital Sgr, in co-matching with the investment round Seed of 2020, when A11 Venture played the role of principal investor, to develop innovative machines that can change the world of additive manufacturing.

The Fondo Rilancio Startup is a €200 million fund subscribed by the Ministry of Economic Development to support the growth of projects and activities of Italian start-ups and innovative SMEs, with the aim of giving a strong boost to the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the economic upturn of the Country. The investments of the Fondo Rilancio Startup are made in co-investment with the proposing investors and are carried out, for the initial investments in the target companies, through the instrument of converting loan.

The first product of 3DNextech, the “3DFinisher”, is ready for sale and is already used by a selected group of industrial partners. Its purpose is the finishing and treatment of objects made of plastic material with a particular focus on the polymers most commonly used at industrial level.

The “3DFinisher”, through a chemical-physical action, finishes the plastic components, making them homogeneousglossywaterproofwashable and easy to paint. The same result, today, requires days of sanding and impregnation work, delegating the completion of a technological process to a final manual process. In addition, the developed process manages to make the objects more performing from a mechanical standpoint, giving them higher resistance, hardness and toughness. Three industrial designs and four international patents have already been filed on the basis of this technology.

The family of patents filed by “3DNextech” will enable the development of new technologies capable of supporting the digitalization of the manufacturing processes with the final goal of implementing industrial production, besides prototyping and batch production. Today the “3DFinisher” gives new features to the treated components, tomorrow it will be possible to manufacture large quantities of components directly on the production lines, thus changing the production paradigms in many manufacturing sectors.

Andrea Arienti, CEO and founder of 3DNextech. “The investment of the ‘Fondo di Rilancio CDP Venture Capital’ is extremely important as it allows us to reach important milestones in the coming months, such as the consolidation of patents and the commercialization of the first two devices on the market: the ‘3DFinisher’ for polymers such as ABS, ASA and cellulose acetate, which is ready, and another version for Nylon polymers, which has been under development in the last months and it is expected to be commercialized in 2022. I would like to emphasise the satisfaction of the whole team for the confidence placed in us by a strategic partner such as CDP’s ‘Fondo Rilancio’, which, together with our previous investors, will be able to support the entire growth path of 3DNextech”.

Federico Davini, board member of 3DNextech, partner and member of the Investment Committee of A11 Venture srl. “CDP’s investment in ‘3DNextech’ opens up new development prospects for a company in which A11 Venture invested in April 2020, during the lockdown, having found great value in the team, vision and patents. During the last year we have consolidated the technology, developed new patents and defined together the strength and weakness of the team. Today, with this investment, we are in the position to scale up and hire new people to convert our potential into concrete results, also from the economic point of view”.