“ARTIFICIAL… MENTE”: SANT’ANNA school academics discuss artificial intelligence on saturday, october 27, at university of piemonte orientale in VERCELLI

On October 27, 2018, the University of Piemonte Orientale in Vercelli  will host a conference on the challenges of artificial intelligence and automation. The event will feature lectures from Sant’Anna School Professors Barbara Henry and Silvestro Micera. This conference “Artificial… mente – L’uomo e le macchine pensanti”, organized by the professional association of medical doctors, will focus on machine-learning technical challenges, assistive technologies, intelligent autonomous systems that can help people (and workers) to live better lives also highlighting moral and ethical implications on society.

Silvestro Micera, professor of the BioRobotics Institute and the scientific coordinator of the Translational Neural Engineering Area, will give his lecture on  “Arti bionici: connettere l’intelligenza umana e quella artificiale”; Barbara Henry, professor of the DIRPOLIS- Law, Politics, and Development Institute and the scientific coordinator of the GSHR Lab. (Global Security and Human Rights), gives her talk on “IA, biorobotica e superamento dell’umano nell’immaginario contemporaneo”.

Conference keynote speakers include:  Marcello Frixione (University of Genova), Michele Di Francesco (IUSS Pavia), Pier Giorgio Fossale (Professional Association for Medical Doctors), Roberto Mordacci (University Vita-Salute San Raffaele).