Covid-19 Patient Safety Recommendations: Sant’Anna School professor at the Institute of Management and affiliate professional scientist served as co-editors of the ISQua white paper stemming from the experience of physicians on the front line

Professor Chiara Seghieri from the Sant’Anna School Institute of Management and Dr. Riccardo Tartaglia, affiliate professional  in the same Institute of Management, have served as coeditors of the Patient Safety Recommendations related to the Covid-19 outbreak. The recommendations are issued by the talian Network for Safety in Health Care (INSH) in partnership with the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) connecting health professionals through education, knowledge sharing, and external evaluations.

This multilingual white paper has been developed referring to documents and articles published by Italian institutions and international scientific societies and journals. Stemming from the experience of physicians on the front line, the document provides operational recommendations to ensure that appropriate preventive measures are taken by the hospitals and staff to deliver safe care to patients. “With regard to the instructions of public health authorities, this document includes recommendations for hospital treatment, diagnosis, and home isolation. Further clarifications were made to manage mental health problems such as stress and trauma because of Covid-19 for patients and staff along with measurements of clinical outcomes and mortuary procedures.”, said Chiara Seghieri and Riccardo Tartaglia.

ISQua website reports nearly 12,000 link clicks have been recorded the day these most echoed recommendations were released. Facebook and Twitter have counted over 2,000 clicks on links. 

Click here to view the recommendations and download the document.