executive education in CIRCular economy: SANT'ANNA school institute of MANAGEMENT and KME ITALY announce new "CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR BUSINESS" program on friday 18 october in BARGA (LUCCA)

Circular Economy and technological disruption are transforming the global workplace. Business leaders, professionals and government officials are required to update policy measures and priorities to provide the framework and tools necessary to innovate and lead through change.

Researchers of the Institute of Management (IdM) at Sant’Anna School and KME Italy SpA representatives designed a comprehensive management program for executives across a range of industries and sectors. In Fornaci di Barga (Lucca), the Circular Academywill address continuous learning and development needs of professionals, managers and leaders to enhance their management skills.

On October 18, participants will experience immersive learning with site tours and presentations from national and international experts under the scientific supervision of Professor Marco Frey as the   “Circular Economy for Business” program coordinator. The program is held in Barga over 10 non-consecutive weekends. The course features ten learning modules and practice sessions.

The program is designed to:

  • to provide the knowledge framework and tools necessary to innovate and offer business managers the practical skills to make a difference in the circular economy and respond creatively to new challenges and opportunities;
  • advance new organizational structures and leverage risk management to enhance «business sensitivity» while protecting resources;
  • expand the specific skills and capabilities needed skills and capabilities to support innovative practices and create greater value.

For more information, please visit our website at: https://www.santannapisa.it/it/formazione/corso-executive-circular-economy-business


KME is a pan-European industrial group and one of the global market leaders in copper and copper alloy products.