INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, The research team coordinated by Arianna Menciassi, vice-rector of Sant'Anna School, wins the Best Innovation and the Best Application at the SURGICAL ROBOT CHALLENGE THANKS TO HIFUSK 2.0

Thanks to HIFUSK 2.0, the medical platform that combines robotics and focused ultrasound, the research team coordinated by Arianna Menciassi wins the Best Innovation and the Best Application at the Surgical Robot Challenge, the annual international competition organized by the Hamlyn Centre (Imperial College London) in collaboration with UK-RAS, showcasing the latest innovative and technological advancements in surgical robotics. The team of The BioRobotics Institute of Sant’Anna School is composed by Arianna Menciassi (coordinator), Andrea Mariani and Laura Morchi (Phd student), Selene Tognarelli (Project Manager), Andrea Cafarelli and Alessandro Diodato (Research Fellows). "This is a very important recognition - says Arianna Menciassi - the Hamlyn Center is one of the major international references for robotic surgery. This is a recognition that allows us to look to the future with confidence".


HIFUSK 2.0 - A first step towards clinical translation

The team of The BioRobotics Institute presented at the Surgical Robot Challenge the HIFUSK 2.0 medical platform, the first step towards the clinical translation of HIFUSK (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Surgery based on KUKA robot). The HIFUSK project was born from the KUKA Innovation Award 2020, and has developed a medical platform that, through the combination of robotics and focused ultrasound, aims to revolutionize the treatment of different pathological conditions, such as cancer. The medical platform is totally non-invasive (no incision), and increases precision, repeatability and accuracy.
"We now have an open protocol for the preclinical validation of the HIFUSK platform - continues Arianna Menciassi - The results are promising and we are ready to start this exciting path from the research to the clinical reality".