international recognition award: SANT’ANNA school university of pisa student wins “FILO DELLA TORRE” award for her master’s thesis on olive cultivation

The 4th International prize “Ranieri Filo della Torre”, sponsored by Pandolea Association, recognizes scientific and creative works in the field of olive cultivation. The prize was awarded in Rome – CIA Agricoltori Italiani Auditorium “Giuseppe Avolio” to Giulia Vicario for her master’s thesis that combines academic excellence with an outstanding collaboration program between Pisa University Departments of Agriculture and Chemistry and the Institute of Life Sciences at Sant’Anna School.

The initiative has enhanced the impact of Vicario’s thesis that has made a substantial contribution to scientific knowledge and women’s empowerment. Journalist Maurizio Pescari served as the moderator of the Pandolea Association panel composed of women in olive oil industry, business and agriculture management. Marida Iacona della Motta, the wife of Ranieri Filo della Torre, gave the award ceremony opening speech.

In attachment the press release and the full list of the “Ranieri Filo della Torre” award winners.