international relations and higher education: director of sant’anna school biorobotics institute participates in the eu conference on research and innovation improving everyday life

Christian Cipriani, director of Sant’Anna School Institute of Biorobotics, discussed his research on myokinetic control of artificial hands at the “EU Research and Innovation in our daily life” conference organised by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Key personalities, researchers and politicians gathered for the conference, held on November 27 in Bruxelles, to reflect on past and present achievements of EU-funded research and innovation. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament and speakers focused on a variety of compelling topics such as health and wellbeing, sustainable environment, safe and secure society.

Over the last 30 years, the EU has invested €200 billion in research and innovation projects considered major scientific breakthroughs. Christian Cipriani, as the principal investigator for the MYKI (A bidirectional myokinetic implanted interface for natural control of artificial limbs) project funded by the European Research Council through the ERC Starting Grant 2015, is working on the learning process for controlling a robotic hand that can be transferred to real-life prosthetic applications.

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