KIBER, A SMART HELMET system supporting remote operations in the workplace to be unveiled at the INTERNET FESTIVAL

Kiber, a smart helmet designed by Sant’Anna School spinoff VR media S.r.l. that will be displayed at the Internet Festival 2018 provides assistance to industry technicians in remote operations during maintenance activities. The helmet equipment includes a headset with microphone, cameras, wireless connectivity, sensors to perceive orientation and temperature, and a smart battery system.

This fully integrated, intelligent, augmented-reality helmet will enable innovative applications in the workplace. It will ensure greater efficiency and provide smart assistance connecting industry operators with systematic instructions using text, icons, images, 3D models and animations to complete their tasks.

Kiber is mainly aimed at manufacturers and companies, suppliers of consulting services, training and maintenance. To improve the health and safety protection of workers potentially at risk from ATEX explosive atmospheres (ATEX is the name commonly given to the European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres), Kiber will allow workers to access and send digital data (photos, files and codes) about their activity in real time. Having the opportunity to share visual data, enable vocal and touch commands, Kiber can reduce the error factor and foresee possible errors. This AR smart assistance can make video recordings on repairs and inspections and share data in an automatic way for the documentation processes.

Due to a series of sensors capable of recording and interacting with the entire environment, it represents an effective solution for every type of industry site such as construction quarries, refineries, petrochemical facilities, power plants and hazardous or hazardous locations. Virtual presentations, visualization of products not yet manufactured, realization of design tasks in immersive environments, and the immersive experience allow instant access, quality strict control, a better maintenance of resources, simulation of practical analysis and improved performance.

VR Media srl is a spinoff company of Sant’ Anna School operating in the sectors of virtual and augmented reality, developing innovative hardware/software products and solutions. VR Media products are commonly used in the Industrial sector (VE Media’s major clients include ENEL, GE, FINMECCANICA, and FCA).


l'elmetto intelligente KIBER

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