Managing events of chemical, biological, radio-nuclear (CBRN) origin: focus on international obligations. Tuesday April 13 and Wednesday 14, researchers will meet in the scope of the project CBRN-ITALY, coordinated by Andrea de Guttry, Sant'Anna School

Can an epidemic outbreak be considered a CBRN event? To what extent are the international legal frameworks governing CBRN events adequate to face current challenges? These and other topics will be addressed by the upcoming Research Workshop, to be organized in the scope of the CBRN-ITALY project on April 13 and 14. The project is funded by the PRIN Programme of the Italian Ministry of University and Research and is coordinated by Andrea de Guttry, full professor of Public international law at Dirpolis Institute (Institute of Law, Politics and Development) of the the Sant’Anna School in Pisa. The Universities of Bologna, Florence and Turin also take part in this initiative. The project’s research activities, which kicked-off in March 2020, cover extremely timely issues, such as to what extent the international community is ready to address complex emergency situations, as demonstrated by the current pandemic.

The Research Workshop on “Mapping International Obligations applicable to CBRN events”, to be held on April 13 (from 9.30) and 14 (from 9), aims at presenting the preliminary outcomes related to the second stage of the project’s activities and at discussing these draft contributions with the participants. The event will be attended by the CBRN-ITALY research teams, the members of the project’s Advisory Board and external participants, including NGOs and members of EU projects covering related topics. The research project CBRN-ITALY is structured around 4 stages: during the first year, researchers have been focusing on the first (on establishing the project’s conceptual framework, by broadening the definition of CBRN events to cover also accidental and naturally occurring events) and the second stage (on mapping international obligations applicable to CBRN events broadly defined), while in the next couple of years the attention will be devoted to the third and fourth stages, which are aimed at assessing the level of implementation of international obligations in Italy and proposing some recommendations and guidelines.

“The current pandemic outbreak – affirms prof. Andrea de Guttry, the project’s coordinator – is shedding light on many aspects that are dealt with in the scope of the CBRN-ITALY project, including in terms of understanding the specific needs of the different phases of an emergency situation, from prevention to preparednessresponse and recovery. One of our aims is to identify international obligations and recommendations governing these risks and to assess to what extent these are actually implemented at the domestic level.

The workshop will be held via webex. Should you be interested in attending the event, please send an email to Silvia Venier (

In gallery: Andrea de Guttry.


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