Mobot, a robotic shopping cart designed by Sant’Anna School spinoff company Mediate, with Sant’Anna School Institute of Biorobotics, combines research, tech transfer, mobility solution

Robotics for ageing well and helping citizens to keep living in their medieval villages. In Peccioli, a small village in Tuscany - alta Valdera (Pisa province), innovation and robotics help people with everyday activities. Big advances are being made with MoBot, a robotic shopping cart controlled via a smartphone application that will transport the desired items anywhere in Peccioli, from multi-level car park to retail stores and home.

MoBot, stands for “Mobile Robot”. It was designed by Sant’Anna School spinoff company Mediate Srl, in cooperation with Sant’Anna School Institute of Biorobotics, the Peccioli town council authority, and the company Belvedere SpA. The trial in real life environment is involving Peccioli’s citizens to implement new solutions and have them tested by users. MoBot, as an autonomous mobility device is enhanced with sensing capabilities and an interactive user interface.

MoBot is a robotic carrying cart that follows people based on wireless communication and that is capable of obstacle avoidance and vehicles detection. Since 2008, people in Peccioli have been experiencing development activities for service robotics with the DustBot device for door-to-door garbage collection. Now, the key features offered by MoBot are that users can transfer data from their phone and find interface to estimate the robot operation time.

MoBot can be set into a follower mode and can locate the person walking in front of it. It will be able to adapt its speed according to the pedestrian walking speed. Additional features are about space and location. Driven by your smartphone and equipped with a location and mapping feature, MoBot could autonomously find its way to the automatic charging system and could be sent to specific locations covering an unlimited number of deliveries. People will find the MoBot robots at a control station in the town center.

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