nature inspired robotics and TRANShumanism: sant’anna school professors participate in the “TEMPO DELLE DONNE – the women’s era” event sponsored by newspaper blog CORRIERE DELLA SERA 27ESIMA ORA, milan, 13-14 SEptember 2019

Barbara Henry, Professor of Political Philosophy at the Dirpolis Institute and Cecilia Laschi, Professor of Bioengineering at the Biorobotics Institute, will attend the 6thIl Tempo delle Donne – The Women’s Era” event on Sunday, September 15, 2019, in Milan. The festival, sponsored by the Corriere della Sera newspaper blog 27esimaOra, will feature a variety of workshops and activities to explore the “Human Body”  theme. The “Il Tempo delle Donne – The Women’s Era” ambit will not be limited to human body and medical advances, but encompasses also nature and climate change, philosophical and social development, and artificial intelligence, biotechnology skills and techniques.

Event highlights include genetic engineering and information technology, molecular nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. On Friday, September 13 at 5.00 pm, the conference “La natura è una macchina perfetta – Nature is the perfect system”, will take place at the Milan Triennale Impluvium, featuring keynote speakers Professor Cecilia Laschi, and Barbara Mazzolai, director of the Micro and Biorbotics Centre at the Italian Institute of Technology (Cmbr) - Pontedera. Journalist Thomas Ducato from Impactscool organization, will moderate the panel discussion.

We often imagine robots with human form. Additionally, nature provides the inspiration for new technologies as bioinspired robotics. By trying to mimic the behaviors of living systems, we have created pneumatically actuated soft robots but, according to recent research and Artificial Intelligence encompassing the conceptualization of a machine that is intelligent, future robots are expected to be humanoid robots.

Now we wonder: Will I like my technology-enhanced body? On Saturday, September 14, at 12.00 noon, Barbara Henry, Professor of Political Philosophy at Sant’Anna School Dirpolis Institute, Michela Chiappalone, researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, and Carlo Alberto Redi will discuss ethical boundaries of human enhancement at the Milan Triennale Impluvium. Journalists Alessia Rastelli and Luigi Ripamonti will welcome this year’s keynote speakers to the panel discussion. Professor Barbara Henry will discuss human nature and the essence of humanity after examining how transhumanism would affect individuals and society. Considering transhumanism and biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey’s longevity theory that argue that through the innovations of regenerative medicine we could live to 1,000 years of age, Professor Henry will also focus on the California Transhumanist Party’s nanotechnology-based philosophy that seeks to bring physical immortality available to the Americans.

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The term “transhumanism” was popularized in 1957 by Julian Huxley, evolutionary biologist and first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Transhumanism is a global movement that aims to transform the human condition using science and technology and other radical ways to augment human capabilities.

  1. The California Transhumanist Party supports significant life extension and quality of life improvement achieved through the progress of science and technology.

  2. The California Transhumanist Party supports an inclusive cultural, societal, and political atmosphere informed and animated by reason and science to foster peace, prosperity, and universal rights for all.

  3. The California Transhumanist Party supports efforts to use science, technology, and rational discourse to reduce and eliminate various existential risks to the human species.