the new frontier for PHOtonics technologies: on tuesday 26 march, tuscany region authority and sant’anna school inphotec foundation REPRESENTATIVES PRESENT recent advancement of photonics

On Tuesday 26 March, Tuscany Region and Sant’Anna School INPHOTEC Foundation, at the Press Club Europe Bruxelles, will host a conference to discuss photonics as key digital technology for European industrial competitiveness. The event in Brussels will precede the annual meeting of the European Technology Platform Photonics2. The European Technology Platform Photonics21 represents the photonics community of industry and research organizations. Jointly with the European Commission, members develop and implement a common photonics strategy in Europe.

This conference targets all stakeholders interested in photonics technologies and the importance of photonics for the European digitalization actions. The event offers a coordination framework between the various actions at national, regional and EU level and presents the new European photonics roadmap.

The conference will include presentations from Monica Barni (Tuscany Region authority), Roberto Ferrari (Tuscany Region authority), Lucilla Sioli (Artificial Intelligence & Digital Industry, DG-Connect), Hugo Thienpont (EU network Actphast 4.0) Markus Wilkens (EC QFlag Consortium), Massimo Gentili (INPHOTEC), Roberto Sabella (Ericsson), and Francesco Petroni (SITAEL).

The conference is a public and free event. For further information and registration, please visit the INPHOTEC Foundation website.


Annuncio Workshop: La fotonica e le nuove frontiere della digitalizzazione in Europa

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