Optical Communication IN ROME, on September 23-27: SANT’ANNA SCHOOL IS ONE OF THE TECHNICAL PARTNERS OF THE 44th “European Conference on Optical Communication” ECOC 2018

The “44th European Conference on Optical Communication” (ECOC 2018) will be held in Rome, on September 23-27, 2018. ECOC is the leading European conference in the field of optical communication, and one of the most prestigious and long-standing events in this field. Sant’Anna School offers its technical partnerships in the area of optical systems analysis and advanced silicon photonics research.

Over the years, ECOC has attracted thousands (more than 7,000) scientists and researchers from institutions and companies all over the world. The ECOC 2018 conference is aimed to report the state-of-the-art topics of graphene for optical communications, silicon and integrated photonics, advanced transmission schemes, 5G fifth-generation mobile technology, ultra low latency data centre networking and photonics for space applications.

The latest progress in optical communication technologies will be reported in selected papers, keynotes, presentations and special symposia. The conference is open to researchers, students, product developers, sales managers and telecommunication market developers. Parallel to the scientific conference, the 23rd ECOC exhibition covers a wide range of optical communication products and services. Every year this international forum attracts more than 1,000 scientists and researchers from across the world.

ECOC 2018 is organized by CNIT, the Consortium of Italian universities for telecommunication. The TECIP (Communication Information and Perception Technologies) Institute of Sant’Anna School and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) provided the scientific patronage.

Companies IBM, BT, Microsoft, Optotec S.pA., Summitomo, Fujikura, Senko, EXFO, Viavi , Sanwa, Ethernet Alliance and the COBO Consortium will participate in the conference. The focus will be the evolution of high-performance, low-energy and low-cost optical and photonic interconnect technologies for data communications. Participants will discuss the commercial proliferation of photonic interconnect in mega data centre environments and throughout the wider Internet of Things (IoT).

Antonella Bogoni, Professor of the TECIP Institute, will serve as Technical Programme Co-chair and Professor Giancarlo Prati, president of Sant’Anna School INPHOTEC, Integrated Photonics Technology Center Foundation, will act as General Chair.

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