The Orientation Program Scuola di Orientamento Universitario at higher education institutions Normale, Sant’Anna, Iuss will take place online with 270 attendees. Applications to summer sessions are open until 5 June 2020

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, the 4th Orientation Program Scuola di Orientamento Universitario, offered by the  Normale - Sant’Anna (Pisa) - Iuss Pavia Higher Education Consortium to 270 students in their penultimate year of high school will take place online on 23 - 25 June30 June - 2 July, and 7 - 9 July 2020.  Applications are accepted until June5.  The Program is designed to provide talented and motivated students with an orientation experience where they will learn about the Normale - Sant’Anna (Pisa) - Iuss Pavia’s mission and recruitment process to admit the academically brightest individuals.

“In light of the Coronavirus situation, our whole community will continue to support students in choosing courses and find out more about studying at highly regarded colleges such as Normale, Sant’Anna and Iuss.  Our selection policy and strategy are aimed at excellent students who want to realize their full academic potential.” said Luigi Ambrosio, director of Scuola Normale Superiore; Sabina Nuti, rector of Sant’Anna School; Riccardo Pietrabissa, rector of Scuola Iuss, presenting the latest developments in summer program admissions 2020.

Students who qualified to participate in the Orientation Program will have the opportunity to gain insights into the college life, explore career options and attend lectures, seminars, and educational workshops. Highly motivated students with an average mark of 8 out of 10 are eligible to apply by 5 June 2020. Click here to apply online.

Normale, Sant’Anna and Iuss, will be contacting high school headteachers over the next few weeks so they can inform the students who are eligible to apply to 23 - 25 June30 June - 2 July, and 7 - 9 July orientation events.

The admissions committee composed of three representatives of Normale, Sant’Anna and Iuss  will select applicants for the Orientation Program  2020. The list of shortlisted candidates will be published by 15 June 2020 on the Normale, Sant’Anna and Iuss   official webpage.

Photo Archive: Students who qualified to attend the on-campus Orientation events 2019.

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