Recent advances in human-computer interaction: Sant’Anna School announces Eurohaptics 2018 in Pisa on June 13-16 to present innovative solutions in HCI field for global development

In conjunction with the Giugno pisano at Palazzo dei Congressi, the highly acclaimed international conference Eurohaptics 2018, will be held in Pisa on June 13-16, 2018. Eurohaptics is a major international conference on haptics and touch enabled computer applications, and the primary European meeting for researchers in this field. Over the last decade, Eurohaptics conference has been the leading event in Europe for academia and industry, providing invaluable solutions for expanding networks and enhancing knowledge.

Academia and industry representatives have continued to increase their expertise and a distinct community has emerged inside Pisa research area. Sant’Anna School Professor Antonio Frisoli will act as the conference general chair. The conference will cover all aspects of haptics, including neuroscience, psychophysics, perception (haptic in ancient Greek means “coming into contact with something”), engineering, computing, interactions with digital technologies, and virtual reality.

Papers and projects across a wide range of topics in fundamental science and engineering, as well as end-application in areas such as medical and surgical simulation, skills training, rehabilitation robotics, collaborative human-robot interactions, communication and haptic feedback for design and the arts, will be presented by more than 400 experts, scientists and professionals from 26 different countries including Japan, USA, Germany and South Korea.

Eurohaptics 2018 is sponsored by 20 companies such as Facebook, Disney Research, TDK and Ultrahaptics. The 2018 conference will include the Ultrahaptics Student Challenge session, demonstrations of “mid-air haptics” interfaces based on touchless gesture-tracking devices, industry exhibits, 48 hand-on demonstrations and much more.

Shumin Zhai, Freddy Abnousi, from Google and Facebook together with Mel Slater of University of Barcelona (Spain) and Hiroyasu Iwata of Waseda University (Japan) will give their four lectio magistralis.

Eurohaptics 2018 is part of the activities taking place under the auspices of the Eurohaptics Society.

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