A recently released assessment by the EU Commission defines the project Isi Growth as a “best practice one, carried out with enthusiasm by a group of leading researchers in the area of innovation studies’’

The EU-funded ISIGrowth project run from May 2015 to June 2018, has been rated “excellent” by the European Commission. One might well consider ISIGrowth as an example of a best practice project, carried out with enthusiasm by a group of leading researchers in the area of innovation studies’’ states the overall assessment recently released by the European Commission.

Coordinated by the Pisa-based Institute of Economics of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, principal investigator Giovanni Dosi, the project has put together researchers from seven research institutes across the European Union and the US. “The main scientific achievements of the project have been impressive with a large number of research papers produced and conferences held’’, reads the assessment. “The papers have provided a different, innovative view well embedded in detailed empirical research both on the European predicament as well as similar structural problems in emerging countries. The quality of the results obtained has been guaranteed through a variety of publications in peer reviewed journals, workshops and seminars organized with outside experts”.

Within the project five policy briefs have been released, with the aim to develop policy scenarios leading Europe to achieve its 2020 objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

“The project is at the centre of the European policy debate on how to enhance growth in Europe and in particular achieve the Europe 2020 aims of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. If anything, given the current failure of Europe to achieve such growth, the ISIGrowth project has become over time even more relevant with the current debate on the Europe 2030 agenda”. “Doing so ISIGrowth has further opened up the policy debate on how to solve Europe’s long term growth problem, paying particular attention to communication and media impact”.

The ISIGrowth project officially ended up in June 2018 but a new one is about to be launched. In January 2019 a new project, which can be defined as the natural continuation of the ISIGrowth one, will kick off: GROWINPRO – Growth, Welfare, Innovation, Productivity – will bring together researchers from eleven international academic institutions and three national statistical offices. The 14 partners will be coordinated, as it was also for the ISIGrowth project, by the Institute of Economics of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, principal investigator Andrea Roventini.

This project represents the deepening of the ‘diagnostic exercise’ undertaken in ISIGrowth: extending the scope of the investigation, fully addressing the whole thread of the interaction among innovation, productivity and growth in a world possibly undergoing a IV Industrial Revolution, wherein globalization exacerbated the diverging patterns of value distribution among countries and social groups.

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