rector SABINA NUTI appoints professor ARIANNA MENCIASSI as the next vice-rector following the meeting of academic senate on wednesday, may 14, 2019

Professor Arianna Menciassi has been appointed as the new Vice-Rector of Sant’Anna School following the meeting of the Academic Senate held on May 14.

Professor Arianna Menciassi is currently Professor of Industrial Bioengineering at the Biorobotics Institute.

Rector Sabina Nuti is actively working on primary governance, strategic framework and operational plans that will contribute to the achievement of Sant’Anna School’s vision and goals. The appointment of the Rector’s Executive Team will be announced in three months’ time and the Sant’Anna School “General Assembly” will be held in September 2019.

As an integral member of Sant’Anna School’s leadership team, Arianna Menciassi will support the Rector in exercising their governance responsibilities to enhance the student learning and academic performance. Specifically, our institution is the only one in Italy to have two female professors in leadership positions.


Cover photo: (from left to right) Vice Rector Arianna Menciassi and Rector Sabina Nuti, Sant’Anna School – Pisa

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