Robotics and Life Sciences Celebrated at Polo Sant’Anna Valdera on October 11 St Faustino Patron Saint of Pontedera. A good opportunity to explore innovative and inspiring research from Sant’Anna School

The feast day of Saint Faustino is celebrated on October 11 each year. This day has become associated with public displays of robotics innovative solutions and automation technologies in Pontedera. The Saint Faustino Open Day event provides a great opportunity to explore and experience innovative and inspiring research from the Sant’Anna School institutes for Biorobotics and Life Sciences located at the Polo Sant’Anna Valdera. The town-wide celebration of technology offers a chance to discover how students and researchers apply cross-disciplinary ways of working to create solutions for sustainable development. This event, through talks, installations and exhibitions, will highlight how the latest innovations (robotic hand and exoskeletons for individuals with motor disability) developed at the Biorobotics Institute are helping people to make their life and work easier.

Cutting-edge robotics showcases, open labs and presentations for adults and children will be held from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (for registration and additional information, please write to  or call 050-883420).

Public institutions, private companies and associations including Pontedera Town Council authority, the Piaggio Museum, the Italian Institute of Technology, the Centrum Sete Sois Sete Luas, and C.E.R.F.I.T.T. startup incubator support the initiative (detailed program of "Pontedera tra scienza arte e musica" is available here for download).

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