“ROBOTICs and theatre” at the FESTIVAL of rOBOTICS: a conference by tecip institute percro lab. discussing the impact of technology ON PERFORMANCE arts

What is the effect of digital technology, robotics and virtual reality on performance arts? How much audiences get involved in the live performing arts sustained by art and music immersive experiences?

The Robotics Festival conference on Robotics and Theatre,  organized by Massimo Bergamasco, director of the TeCIP Institute at Sant’Anna School, will focus on the increasing use of digital technology, robotics, immersive installations, virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence on stage.

According to digital arts and computer graphic experts, the new technologies will serve artists to push the barriers of traditional art forms. Virtual reality has become a powerful tool used to shape exhibitions, plays, and music performance over different areas of the stage and beyond. It provides greater access to innovative forms of art and offers new opportunities for creative artistic expression embedded in our natural surroundings, adaptive to users and autonomous acting.

PERCRO Perceptual Robotics Lab. researchers and the Accademia Teatrale actors directed by Pietro Bartolini have extended the grammar of the traditional arts with the evolution of AI devices, sensors and wearable computers applications. They will discuss their results and the significant change they faced in the many years they have been in the creative implementation of VR and AR technologies.

The conference will be held at the Domuns Mazziniana, Via Mazzini 71, on 1st October, 9.00 am - 1.00 pm.

Conference topics and speakers:

  • Massimo Bergamasco :  Introduzione
  • Marcello Carrozzino : Ambienti immersivi come palcoscenico virtuale per la drammaturgia e la pedagogia teatrale
  • Pietro Bartolini: Attore, avatar e robot – il nobile artificio della costruzione del personaggio
  • Anna Maria Monteverdi: Marionette, automi e scene meccaniche dall’avanguardia a oggi
  • Dario Focardi & Pericle Salvini: Teatro e Scienza, A che punto siamo?