robotics research and development: POR FESR TOSCANA 2014-2020 FUNDS industry 4.0 projects IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SANT’ANNA SCHOOL BIOROBOTICS INSTITUTE

Two steps forward were taken in the direction of digital technologies development and automation research to support the manufacturing sector. Sant’Anna School Biorobotics Institute researchers will collaborate with manufacturers to enhance productivity and advance Tuscany competitiveness through two projects funded by POR FES 2014-2020. The projects CORSA that stands for COngelamento Robotico Sicuro di sacche di plasma, and CAPSULACentral Automated Process for Sterilization Units in a Lean Activity, aim to provide innovative technologies for Tuscany Industry 4.0 and healthcare system.

In partnership with KW Apparecchi ScientificiArsilicii srland Softsystem srl , the CORSA project received financial contribution from the Tuscany Region Authority to implement an automated process for preparing deep-frozen blood components. Plasma is frozen soon after collection to maintain the activity of blood-clotting factors. The CORSA project frozen blood technologies extend the shelf life of blood components by adapting and developing blood freezing to support the use of frozen platelets in hospitals. 

In partnership with Cisa Production, Mec IndustriesCompolab and Sued, the CAPSULA project aims to develop an effective response to adverse health occurrences of surgical instruments sterilization and disinfection processes (most existing procedures rely on manual cleaning). Researchers will work to develop a new approach to automate the cleaning process of surgical instruments and tools.

Filippo Cavallo, researcher at the Biorobotics Institute Assistive Robotics Lab. (in Peccioli), acts as the research projects supervisor.

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