Sant’Anna School and Department of Public Security of the Italian Ministry of Interior agree on rules of ethical behaviour and codes of conduct for the public sector, in accordance with recent regulatory reform

Sant’Anna School and the Department of Public Security of the Italian Ministry of Interior signed a cooperation agreement on “models and rules of ethical behavior for the public sector and police officers”. Under the agreement, academics at Sant’Anna School will use research, theory and methodology to improve ethics and ethical decision-making process in public institutions and in the Italian Department of Public Security in accordance with recent regulatory reform.

Innovative models proposed by experts of Sant’Anna School will display ethical judgments and principles of State Police Force employees to comply with a binding code of conduct and core values such as integrity and accountability, the main aspects for institutionalizing high standards of ethical conduct. In particular, the Code of Conduct for Police officers and law enforcement authorities will strengthen the ethical competence of public employees and the transparency measures to support the rule of law.

On Friday, March 22, at 10.45 am, Prefect Franco Gabrielli, Chief of the State Police and the Director General of Public Security, will give his speech on “Etica della sicurezza: le attuali sfide per la Polizia di Stato, in Italia e in Europa” – Security Ethics: Current Challenges in Europe and Italy for State Police Officers. Rector Pierdomenico Perata and Alberto Pirni as the person responsible for coordinating the partnership agreement will participate in the ratification process.

Cover photo: Franco Gabrielli

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