Sant’anna school and private partners launch philantropy foundation “IL TALENTO ALL’OPERA” to increase access to merit-based higher education promoting social mobility. merit scholarships and funding for students and young scholars

In December 2019, Sant’Anna School announced the launch of project “Il Talento all’Opera”. In January 2020, the “Il Talento all’Opera” third sector philanthropic foundation has been established to promote the School’s fund-raising efforts, and to support students and young scholars who commit themselves to tackling the planet’s most critical challenges. The deed was signed in front of notary Giulia Donadio, a former law student of Sant’Anna School. To date, Toscana AeroportiAssociazione Unione Industriale PisanaAcqueListSagoForti Holding have joined the “Il Talento all’Opera” foundation; more partners will contribute to equality in access to higher education over the next few weeks.

Gina Giani, CEO of Toscana Aeroporti, has been appointed President of the “Il Talento all’Opera” Foundation. The Board of Directors includes Patrizia Alma Pacini, president of Associazione Unione Industriale Pisana; Giuseppe Sardu, president of Acque; Alvise Insalaco, CEO of List; Giovanni Scanavacca, as a representative of Sago; Luigi Doveri, CEO of Forti Holding; Luca Gori, Sant’Anna School researcher.

"Today Sant’Anna School formally launched the 'Il Talento all’Opera' Foundation. Today we have formed a team to strengthen our ongoing commitment to increase access to merit-based education. We empower our public institution through grant making and private sector engagement", said Sabina Nuti, rector of Sant’Anna School.

"We have a social responsibility to support inclusivity not only across local and national communities, but globally - said Gina Giani, as the newly appointed president of 'Il Talento all’Opera' Foundation - Through the Foundation, we can fully participate in the global community. Sant’Anna School promotes social mobility initiatives with a focus on inclusion for talented individuals. We are sure young, talented and brilliant students and researchers want to make a difference".

Cover photo: from left to right, Giuseppe Sardu (Acque), Gina Giani (Toscana Aeroporti), Patrizia Alma Pacini (Associazione Unione Industriale Pisana), Alvise Insalaco (List), Giulia Donadio (notaio), Sabina Nuti (rector), Luigi Doveri (Forti Holding), Giovanni Scanavacca (Sago Srl), Luca Gori (Sant’Anna School).


For additional information on the foundation "Il Talento all'Opera", please write to: Chiara Busnelli, UO Progetti Strategici, email: ; tel. +39 050 883273

Rector’s Office email address : ; tel +39 050 883306 / +39 050 883706