“Seasonal School”: 23 intensive courses, on-line or on-site, from September 2021 to July 2022, open to high-performing students from all over the word. Preferential rates are available as well as prizes provided by EY Foundation and “Il Talento all'Opera"

Sant’Anna School presents the second edition of the “Seasonal School”, the one-week intensive courses “of excellence”, on-line or on-site, which are strongly interdisciplinary and focused on the School’s frontier research topics open to University students enrolled in Bachelor Degree, Masters’ Degree and PhD courses, and who have the same advancement characteristics as the School’s students. The 2021/2022 program confirms many preferential rates and prizes, provided by Fondazione EY and Fondazione “Il Talento all’Opera, and includes 23 courses, 7 of which planned before December 2021 and the other 16 till July 2022.

Subscriptions to the first “Seasonal School”, that will take place in the months of September and October 2021, are open: “Next Generation Cyber-Physical Systems” (on-site from September 13 to 17); “Cybersecurity - A Multidisciplinary Perspective” (on-site from September 20 to 25); “IACH - Innovaction in Health Care: Strategies, Performance and Data Management” (on-line from September 27 to October 1); “MEDSKILL - Development of Medical Skills by Simulation” (on-site from October 4 to 8); “INSIDER - Innovazioni nel Sistema della Rappresentanza (on-site from October 11 to 16); “CESM - Circular Economy and Sustainability Management: Managing the Transition towards a Circular Economy” (on-site from October 18 to 22); “United Nations and FAO 2021 Year of Fruits and Vegetables  - Advancements in Postharvest Technologies to Reduce Losses and Improve Nutritional and Functional Properties” (on-line from October 20 to 29).

Among the topics of the of the “Seasonal School” starting in 2022climate changemanagement of innovation and common good; data societyEU, African and China perspectivesmacroeconomics modelsartificial intelligence and roboticsphotonicssea and space exploration and 5G/6G networks.

“Seasonal School” are opportunities for meetings and exchanges to be experienced “inside” our facilities and laboratories. Courses are held predominantly in English and access to “Seasonal Schools” requires a self-certified knowledge of the teaching language at or above B2 level, if students are not mother tongue speakers. Participants will be awarded certificate of attendance at the end of the program after passing a final examination, with full recognition of the credits (CFU) indicated in each call.

A reduction in the enrolment fee is available based on the applicant’s ISEE. A 450€ scholarship provided by Fondazione Talento all’Opera will be assigned to the three best performing participants of each course. Students coming from universities or institutions with specific agreements with Sant’Anna School are entitled to reserved places and to a 10% reduction in the enrolment costs. Affiliated Institutions: Università di CataniaUniversità della TusciaUniversità di TrentoFondazione OnaosiUniversità di MessinaUniversità di MacerataUniversità di CamerinoUniversità della CalabriaConferenza dei Collegi Universitari di MeritoUniversità di PalermoUniversità Della Valle D'AostaLibera Università di BolzanoUniversità Politecnica delle Marche.

“The ‘Seasonal School’ - comments Rector Sabina Nuti – are a winning bet, launched in a particularly complex year like that of the Covid-19 pandemic, that has proved very successful. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies has believed in this proposal, new for the School and innovative for the Italian university system, established to enable talented students to approach the advanced research topics of the School. Since October 2020, 13 Seasonal Schools have hosted 146 students, 73 girls and 73 boys, coming from around 50 different Italian and foreign universities. More than 70% of the participants benefited of a reduction of the tuition fee according to the ISEE documentation presented and to the 39 best performing students has been assigned a 450€ scholarshipthanks to our partners Fondazione ‘Il Talento all’Opera’ and EY Foundation. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies continues to expand the network of partner universities in Italy and abroad in order to offer to students of merit an integrative training on the most advanced research topics of the School”.