STEM 4 future, the education program to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths education for young people, closing the Gender Gap: Boeing, Sant'Anna School and ScuolAttiva present virtual award ceremony on May 29,2020

On 29 May 2020, 173 high school students from Rome, Milan and Bologna participated in the 3rd STEM 4 future online award ceremony. The six winning teams of the 3rd STEM 4 future were invited to a Summer School all-expenses-paid to the Sant’Anna School’s campus in Pisa for the prospective student orientation annual event.

The STEM 4 future education program, sponsored by Boeing Italia, designed by ScuolAttiva Onlus and supported by Sant’Anna School – Pisa, was   launched in 2017 to promote STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths education for young people.

The 3rd STEM 4 future program, from October 2019 through June 2020, offered high school students the opportunity to develop their science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, strengthen collaborative and social skill, think critically and work together in teams. Through problem solving and critical thinking, faculty members and experts want to equip the next generation with the skills required to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution resulting in advanced robotics and artificial intelligence.

In March 2020, because of the Covid-19 emergency, students were able to complete their STEM program online. The STEM 4 future education program 2020 focused on encouraging girls to study STEM, start future careers in the technology sector and close the gender gap. Inspiring female professionals and influential female scholars talked about their real-life experience of being a female scientist in communities where only men stereotypically studied engineering or maths.  They encouraged girls who have a passion for science pursue degrees in STEM fields and apply their talents in the advancement of technology and innovation.

173 High school students from the Liceo Classico Luciano Manara (Rome), Liceo Classico Francesco Vivona (Rome), Liceo Classico Tito Livio (Milan), Liceo Scientifico Evangelista Torricelli (Milan), Liceo Scientifico Leonardo da Vinci (Bologna) and Liceo Scientifico Albert Bruce Sabin (Bologna) attended the award ceremony. Participants in the STEM 4 future online award ceremony  also included  Antonio De Palmas, President of Boeing Italia, Sabina Nuti, Rector of Sant’Anna School, Gaetana Morgante, Vice Rector for Orientation programs, Antonio Frisoli, coordinator of Human-Robot Interaction Area at TECIP PercRo Lab.

As well as pitching their ideas into product development, students were required to combine their concepts with Robotics and AI-technologies transforming our world. The winner team of the STEM 4 future 2020 was EO, Liceo Classico Francesco Vivona (Rome).

“Despite the current situation and the shift to distance education, students were able to complete their STEM 4 future program as a flexible alternative for a new student-centered learning model.  Boeing is proud to support the next generation of STEM professionals and innovators”, said Antonio De Palmas, President of Boeing Italia.

“Working in conjunction with the STEM 4 future program sponsored by Boeing Italia has proved to be a strategic collaboration. It enhanced opportunities for universities and companies to work on synergy for groundbreaking research. For Sant’Anna School this is a top priority as well as delivering online learning solutions for this global challenge. Our efforts are focused on improving access to online learning through 'Impara con noi' and STEM 4 future initiatives. We are privileged to support students in building their careers as they are making a difference for our future.”, said Sabina Nuti, Rector of Sant’Anna School. “