SUMMER courses on ROBOTICs and artificial intelligence: apply now for “The Regulation of Robotics & AI in Europe: Legal, Ethical and Economic Implications” to be held july 1-6. Deadline for applications is thursday, may 16

“The Regulation of Robotics & AI in Europe: Legal, Ethical and Economic Implications” course will be held at Sant’Anna School - Pisa on July 1-6, 2019. This Jean Monnet Action EAC/A05/2017 contributes to the objectives of the European Commission EURA Centre of Excellence and more specifically to the strategic framework for European cooperation in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The deadline for applications is 12.00 noon on May 16.

This Summer School course requires that students engage in a minimum of 40 hours training, a conference and a seminar lecture. Robotic and AI technologies represent a novel kind of applications that has to be fitted within legal standards and ethical principles. Students will undertake this course of study comprising a core module at Sant’Anna School Research Laboratories that aims at providing them with a solid background and methodological approach.

Among the list of keynote speakers are experts of international institutions, distinguished academics, policy makers, European Parliament, World Economic Forum and OECD representatives from across Europe.

Click here for the program core modules described in more detail and Application Form available.

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