THEATRE AND VIRTUAL REALITY: SANT’ANNA school percro lab participates in the FOURTH MEETING OF EUROPEAN THEATRE ACADEMIES, florence, july 7-12, 2018

The Fourth Meeting of the European Theatre Academies (META) takes place over five days, on July 7-12, at Teatro della Pergola - Florence. Professor Massimo Bergamasco, Marcello Carrozzino and Chiara Evangelista of  Sant’Anna School PERCRO (Perception, Information and Communication Technologies) Lab join their colleagues from the Carnegie Mellon University School of drama di Pittsburgh (U.S.), Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles,  Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – RADA di Londra and Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid,  in a workshop titled Virtual Environments Technologies for Drama and Acting.

Professor Massimo Bergamasco and his colleagues present an overview of advances and major challenges in VR technologies, with a specific focus on advances in virtual environment technology, particularly digital immersive virtual environment technology, enabling students to engage in increasingly compelling experiences. Students typically experience digitally created VE in three dimensions via visual and auditory displays that integrate appropriate visual and other sensory feedback information including sounds, smells, and even haptics.

Over the 5-day event, a new training system based on the motion capture and VR technologies is proposed. Students will imitate the motion demonstrated by virtual teachers projected on a wall screen and the students’ motions will be analysed to help them to improve their skills.

Since 2015, Pietro Bartolini, the founder of META, has directed, designed and coordinated the META events. These include seminars, conferences, workshops and performing arts education and training in European academies. Some of the META events are especially designed by the PERCRO Lab researchers for the benefits of theatre students, actors, directors, theatre enthusiasts, teachers and VR experts.

At META, students take classes with teachers from renowned international schools, attend performances and have the opportunity to share their talents and perspectives for the creation of global theatre connections.

To attend the meeting, participants are requested to register at

For additional information, please visit the META website.

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L'attrice Chiara Martini in una rappresentazione che utilizza le tecnologie virtuali immersive